Speaking of car filters, I believe that old drivers who have strong hands-on ability must have changed them by themselves. Filters are not new to old drivers, but this thing to the new driver. It ’s difficult, what are the car filters? What’s it for?

Air Filters

The filter can be seen literally. This must be used for filtering. What is the specific filtering depends on which part it is. The filter at each position has a different name. The filtering stuff is also different. For example, in an air-conditioning system, it is called Cabin filter, which mainly filters the air entering the car from the outside; at the engine position, it is called an oil filter, which mainly filters oil impurities to ensure normal engine lubrication.

Oil Filters

There are four kinds of common filters in the car. In addition to the two mentioned just now, it is the air filter and the air filter, which are the two mainly mentioned today; the machine filter and the air conditioner filter have been said before. See details: These things do not necessarily need to use the genuine parts, car filter replacement guide.

Fuel filter…..Organic oil filters, there must be gasoline filters as well; steam filters are fuel impurities, which provide clean fuel to the engine; gasoline itself is not absolutely pure, and impurities are also prone to be produced in production and storage and transportation projects. If it is not filtered out and brought into the engine fuel supply system, it is likely to damage the gasoline pump or cause the fuel injection nozzle to become blocked. If the gasoline filter is too dirty or clogged, there will be increased fuel consumption, unstable idle speed, and decreased power. It is recommended that you replace it in strict accordance with the car maintenance manual. 

Fuel Filters

air filter…..Many people confuse air filters with air-conditioning filters, but their specific responsibilities are different. The air-conditioning filter filters the air entering the car from the outside of the air-conditioning system, and the air filter filters the air. In the engine, the air to be involved in combustion. There are many invisible impurities in the air, such as dust, particulate matter, etc. If you enter the engine to participate in combustion without filtering, carbon deposits are likely to occur.

Cabin Filters

 The above are the “four major filters” on the car. Although they are filtering impurities, their respective “jurisdictional areas” are different, so they are indispensable. You must follow them when maintaining the filter. The maintenance manual is changed regularly.

Air Filters

Of course, it can also be changed in advance according to the environment of the car. In addition, please do not use inferior products, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble!