Engine can be subjected to a variety of loads and stresses during everyday use. Oil filter plays the most important role in protecting the engine. It ensures optimum oil supply during cold starts with frequent re-starts, when travelling short distances and at high speed on motorway.
The entire purpose of a car’s engine is to convert fuel into energy, and that energy moves your car. This process requires a lot of moving pieces, all of which are lubricated by motor oil. This increases efficiency and reduces wear, giving you a more productive engine with a longer lifespan. To help out this lubrication process, your engine needs the oil filters.
Most current oil filter designs come in canister or cartridge types, several variations in size, filter media, dirt-holding capacities and flow arrangements are available. For this reason, it is important that filters and filtration systems should be selected to meet the needs of the application and with cost, performance, ease of use and environmental conditions in mind. For best filtration choose Barsen Filter Co.,Ltd. a leading exporter and OIL FILTER manufacturer company in China since 2010.
The oil filter works to remove contaminants from engine oil, extending the life of the engine and maintaining high oil quality, which naturally degrades over time. The oil pump sends used oil through a filter element, removing the particles and allowing the oil to pass through. The freshly strained oil is then taken back up to the engine for lubrication.

Oil filters today also come with a bypass valve as a backup in case of a clog. The base plate has one large hole in the middle and several smaller ones surrounding it.
Oil is forced through the outside holes through the filter, and the engine picks it back up through the main chamber. The bypass valve exists on the boundary between used and filtered oil and opens when the pressure rises enough to indicate a problem with flow. These are the main components, but manufacturers deploy them differently to be more effective or sometimes to cut costs.